Quality German Shepherds in Santa Barbara.


Thanks to Ted Bowman who is “The Man”!  He has been a HUGH blessing in our lives.  He is a master trainer and is the trainer for the Santa Barbara Police Department and we are lucky enough to train with them every week.  His insight and knowledge towards the dogs and their individual needs has been nothing less than phenomenal. His work and guidance with Marlin has truly been a  priceless benefit.

My biggest thanks and love to my dear friend Francis, for without whom none of this would have been possible.

Last but never least… To the dogs that we love and for their total and unconditional love that they give us.

We have had in our lives special people who have made it possible for us to become the Sheik Haus German Shepherds that we are today.  Our dogs and myself have benefitted tremendously from their help with training and with their love and support. So I just wanted to take the opportunity to let them know how much they have been appreciated and to give them a Hugh Thanks.

Thanks to Ferdi and Bram for their continuing physical, mental & emotional support.

Thanks and blessings to

T-Floyd for his effort & commitment to our “Boys”, Asko, Maxx and Emilio.

Thanks to my son Marlin for his new found “Sport”. He has always loved the dogs but now he is “Running with the Dogs”.  He is also a certified Helper which has been a tremendous help in working the dogs.

Thanks to my husband David for his love and support.  As far as the kennel goes he is probably one of the most highly paid kennel helpers in the dog world.  

Thank God he loves the Dogs!

Thanks to my son Kevin and his beautiful wife Cheryl who without their support I might have given up. A kind word every now and then makes all the difference.

Thanks to Yvonne and AK for their help with a myriad of things.  AK for his talent with the camera and knowledge of the computer and his ability to handle and train the dogs.  He is also a walking encyclopedia regarding pedigrees which he so graciously shares and the best of all he is a dear person.  Yvonne for her depth of knowledge about our beloved German Shepherds. 

She  has an instinct to  read a dog  and it goes right thru her hand onto the leash then straight to the dog she is handling, not to mention the fact that she is the grooming guru! Many, many thanks!