Quality German Shepherds in Santa Barbara.


We are very conscientious about placing our puppies and young adult dogs.  We are firmly committed to making sure that each of our dogs is placed with a family that will provide a loving environment and a place for the dog to grow and advance to his or her potential.


If you are truly interested in having an outstanding, intelligent, brave, kind dog with real beauty to become a member of your family, then please contact us.




David Kerr & Barbara Sheik-Kerr

Sheik Haus is a small family owned  breeder of European bred German shepherd dogs. We are located on our ranch in Santa Barbara County just north of the city of Santa Barbara, California.


Our first encounter with the European Bred German Shepherd dog was with our beloved “Ty”.  Ty was what Max von Stephanitz envisioned as the German Shepherd dog.  He was everything that makes a perfect GSD. Incredibly intelligent, huge heart, amazing temperament, loyal, physically strong, powerful and beautiful.


 Ty was given to Barbara because of a set of circumstances that Barbara deems as fate. The owners of the magnificent puppy who came to live with Barbara and whom forever changed her life have always been in her heart. Just recently these former owners of Ty have come full circle and are in need of a puppy to come into their lives and now, all because of Ty we are able to give them a puppy which will fill their hearts with the same joy that  filled Barbara’s heart 20 years ago.

Ty passed away 10 years ago and we miss him every day. Because of his passing we became the proud owners of Princess Coco and 5 months later our amazing “Cody”, Nos Von Kaykohl Land.  Because of Cody we have met wonderful new friends throughout the United States and Europe.  We have also been fortunate enough to work with some of the best trainers in the world. 


Our Cody was taken away from us in the prime of his life because of someone who made a horrific mistake.  With heavy, heavy, hearts we decided to use that untimely, fateful death to try to bring some sense to it all.  We thought that the best way to honor Cody’s life would be to share our knowledge and the love and the respect that we have for the German Shepherd Dog with others.


What better way to honor Cody and share what we have learned than to make sure that the breed that Max von Stephanitz  invisioned will continue.  So we started a foundation in the name of Cody and we have diligently with care and love and with the help of others begun to fulfill what we think is the proper way for us to go forward.

We want everyone to know the breed of the GSD and understand their incredible intelligence, temperament, bravery, beauty, loyalty and the working drive that they have  will give any owner the perfect dog for show, sport or just to have as the best friend and companion any human could possibly have.  


The inception of Sheik Haus GSDS has enabled us to provide what we think will allow us the opportunity to begin our next journey.  The way of physically communicating what we so ardently believe. We whole heartedly invite you to join us on this journey so that we might share with you what we love so much.

Ty was the beginning of a love affair with the German Shepherd Dog . Since that first encounter our love for the German Shepherd Dog has grown immensely. It has taken us on a journey that we wish to share with others so that they will understand what an incredible dog the German Shepherd Dog is.